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APICS is the leader in supply chain education and certification programs. We set the industry standard. For years, individuals and organizations have turned to APICS to build skills and advance supply chain performance. The APICS brand is globally recognized as the top provider of supply chain certification, endorsement, certificate and education programs.

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APICS 5-Step Process to Supply Chain Management Designation

  1. Select credential: Select the supply chain management credential that is right for you. (Become an APICS PLUS member for substantial cost savings on courseware and exams.)
  2. Check eligibility: CSCP and CLTD credentials have prerequisites and require an eligibility application.
  3. Prepare for exam: Take a preparation course offered by APICS Greater Detroit taught by a local expert instructor!
  4. Take and pass exam: Purchase your certification exam and schedule your exam at a local testing center. Learn more about our EXAM PASS GUARANTEE!
  5. Display your new credential with pride! Add your credential to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and proudly place certification letters behind your name!

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We offer two course types created for your busy schedule!

Type 1: Concentrated Prep Course

Virtual Only

A streamlined learning environment exclusively online. See below.

This new streamlined course structure supports students who learn well independently, while offering a live instructor led sessions every other week. Sessions will be hosted exclusively through virtual conferencing. This course is designed to help you pass the exam as efficiently as possible. Students will need to read content and complete quizzes prior to each session. Each student will also be assigned a topic to discuss/present in the next session to create an interactive learning environment. The instructor will teach key topics and facilitate interactive activities to augment the critical thinking skills needed to pass the exam!

***Registration comes with: Exclusive APICS online tools and quizzes, Participant Workbook(s), and an expert APICS Certified Instructor

***Exam Vouchers can be added to your registration on the ASCM Michigan East Website at a discounted rate

Type 2: Comprehensive Prep Course

In-person & Virtual

A traditional learning environment, but can be accessed virtually. See below.

This course offers an in-depth learning process for those who prefer the traditional classroom setting led by an expert instructor in sessions held every other week. These classes are now accessible through through virtual conferencing, if a student prefers. Both established supply chain professionals and those new to the industry will thrive along with other highly skilled professionals while learning from the APICS best-in-class curriculum. Our knowledgeable APICS Instructors facilitate an engaging environment that caters to individual learning needs to ensure each student is ready to pass the exam!

***Registration comes with: Exclusive APICS online tools and quizzes, Participant Workbook(s), and an expert APICS Certified Instructor

***Exam Vouchers can be added to your registration on the ASCM Michigan East Website at a discounted rate

Which APICS Certification is Right for You?

At ASCM Michigan East, we get asked this question very often by the supply chain community.

Our answer is it depends on your area of focus and where you are headed in your career.

Read our blog post for more info on picking the right certification to help you advance in your career!

Need help getting support from your employer? Check out our tips on approaching your manager.


APICS certification is an investment in your future. We want to reduce your stress about the exam by offering you a free retake of the exam if you follow our process but do not pass on your first attempt.

What you Need to do:

  • Attend and participate in class regularly – Reach out to the instructor or other students to clarify any concepts that you don’t understand after you have read the material.
  • Practice your vocabulary – Use or print out the online flashcards. APICS vocabulary is a significant portion of the exam and will help you determine which concepts you truly understand and which you need to study in more depth.
  • Take the online quizzes & practice tests – Students who score 80% or better on the practice tests and quizzes are almost assured of passing, so we recommend that you:
    • Take all of the quizzes.
    • Repeat the quizzes – Start with those on which you had the lowest scores.
  • You may need to take one particular quiz several times if it remains your lowest score.
  • Ask your instructor questions and reread that material to get a better understanding of the concepts underlying any quiz you need to repeat.
  • Continue repeating until you consistently achieve 80% or better on each quiz.
    • Take the tests – Do both the post-test and any practice tests available.
  • Retake the practice tests – Retake the pre-test, post-test and any practice tests as often as you need to until you consistently achieve 80% or better. The practice tests are very similar in “feel” to the real exam. Retaking these tests will help you get past any nervousness more quickly when you take the real exam.
  • Sign up, take the exam and share your results:
    • If you aren’t sure you are ready, talk with your instructor. We will be glad to review your scores and give you advice on how to proceed.
    • Once you are ready, sign up for the exam and select the “Share Results with Chapter” option.
    • Scan your test results and share them with your instructor. If you pass, we’d love to share in your celebration. If you fail, the diagnostics will help us focus on areas where you need to bolster your knowledge.

What we will do:

  • Support you as you prepare – If you need additional help, just ask and an instructor will assist you.
  • Offer a free retake of the class – If you feel you are not ready to take the test, you can retake the class. You decide whether to sit in on the entire class or just specific sections. One of our instructors can work with you to identify which sessions might be most useful.
  • Provide retake preparation – If you don’t pass the exam:
    • When you scan your test results and share them with your instructor, we will use the diagnostics to identify areas where you need to focus to bolster your knowledge.
    • We will work with you to develop a plan to shore up any weak areas of your study.
    • One of our instructors will be available to answer your questions and review concepts as needed.
  • Pay for your exam retake – If you need to retake the test, when you are ready, we pay your fee for one retake exam.