Addressing the Skill Gap: APICS Greater Detroit Can Help

Addressing the Skill Gap: APICS Greater Detroit Can Help


Is your company struggling to retain employees? Are you having a hard time finding skilled workers?

Per the Michigan Manufacturers Association, Michigan is now leading the nation in manufacturing job growth, with 190,800 new manufacturing jobs since June 2009!1

This is great economic news, although for many manufacturers, it is creating talent shortages due to a lack of skilled workers. In fact, per, “Projections from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, among other industry analysts, predict that over the next decade, more than 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled across the U.S.2

Other reasons for the talent shortage include an aging population, with older workers retiring at high rates and not enough younger workers entering the field to replace them.

Finding and retaining skilled workers is essential for your company’s growth. Your local APICS Greater Detroit chapter, the premier association for supply chain management, can help and here’s how.

APICS Greater Detroit currently supports over 150 Detroit area companies with key educational and networking opportunities.

APICS is the leader in supply chain education and certification programs. We set the industry standard. For years, individuals and organizations have turned to APICS to build skills and advance supply chain performance. The APICS brand is globally recognized as the top provider of supply chain certification, endorsement, certificate and education programs.

On our education page, you’ll see that we frequent host instructor-led certification programs, Supply Chain workshops and Seminars in the Detroit area.

We can also provide customized training for your organization proven to help reduce costs and increase ROI. Many local organizations have found benefits training functional business employees within Supply Chain Management / Logistics / Operations, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Finance, and Human Resources on Supply Chain processes and concepts.

Lastly, we can help connect you with the skilled workers you need through planned events, tours, and conferences. Check out our events page to learn more about local networking opportunities.

If you’d like to learn more about how your local APICS chapter can help you close your skill gap, please join us for one of our upcoming events or check out our website at

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you address skills gaps your company may be facing!



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