Top Benefits of Employee Training

Top Benefits of Employee Training


Is your company hiring people new to manufacturing due to low unemployment and lack of skilled workers?

Per a recent article by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, the shortage of skilled workers is causing many manufacturers to hire from outside of the industry, bringing in people without manufacturing skills or backgrounds.

At APICS Greater Detroit our mission is to help Supply Chain professionals at all stages of their career and we agree with the Michigan Manufacturing Technonlogy Center’s key benefits of Employee training from their 6/21/19 blog-post listed below,

“With so much at stake, most companies cannot afford to neglect training for workers. Consider, for example, the following benefits that come from training:

  • Training reduces stress and builds confidence. Whether someone is completely new to a manufacturing environment, or simply trying to learn a new process within the facility, the effectiveness of their training will determine how well they perform. In fact, 74% of workers stated that lack of training was the biggest hurdle in achieving their full potential at work. By gaining additional guidance and understanding through training, workers will be set up for success as they can more confidently approach their jobs.
  • Improved confidence leads to better job satisfaction and production quality. When workers are confident in their abilities, they become more engaged. This heightened engagement not only improves worker happiness, but also can have massive impacts on quality and productivity.
  • Job satisfaction leads to improved employee retention. To ensure talent stays within your company, training can help. As you continue to invest in the skills of workers, their job satisfaction increases, thus eliminating their desire to look elsewhere for work. With 40% of workers leaving their jobs within the first year due to poor training, this aspect cannot be ignored.
  • Employee retention leads to more favorable company reviews. How do employees feel toward your company? Training plays a large role in determining this answer. By demonstrating that you care about your workers and investing in their professional development, workers will be much more likely to view your company in a favorable way. This will be reflected in employee surveys and workplace culture.
  • Favorable reviews attract more workers to your company. When workers are happy with their company, they will likely spread the word to others – in person or on review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Drawing from my past experience as a third party recruiter, I can attest that candidates do visit these sites when considering different job opportunities, making these online reviews highly critical. By establishing a strong reputation as a company that invests in workers and wants them to grow and succeed, hiring efforts will be supported as candidates will view your company in a more favorable and desirable way.”

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is an organization dedicated to supporting Michigan manufacturers to work smarter, to compete and to prosper. Learn more about them at: .

At APICS Greater Detroit we offer many programs to help you deepen supply chain management knowledge within your existing team. This fall we are excited to offer the following globally recognized certifications with new virtual options and savings of 20% off historical prices!

  • CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) – The perfect certification for production and inventory management personnel. CPIM provides you with the ability to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations.
  • CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) – The CSCP designation is the most sought-after certification by supply chain professionals around the globe seeking to achieve mastery and recognition in their field.
  • CLTD (Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution) – The CLTD program helps you demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a broad range of supply chain logistics topics to set you apart from your peers. Elevate awareness, professionalism, and knowledge/skills of Logistics, Transportation & Distribution practitioners.
  • Customized Corporate Classes – We can create a proposal for your training, professional development, and educational objectives. Local organizations have found benefits training functional business employees within Supply Chain Management / Logistics / Operations, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Finance, and HR on Supply Chain processes and concepts.

APICS Greater Detroit chapter members receive discounts on all certification classes – click here to join today. We look forward to helping your company deepen operational knowledge and improve results in 2019!

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